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Custom DTF Transfer Sheets

Direct to Film (DTF) is a dynamic and versatile printing process that delivers vibrant, full-color prints with a soft tactile feel. These prints are best applied using commercial heat press equipment, ensuring optimal results.

We advise against using household items like the Cricut Easy Press or a home iron for this purpose.


We provide premium prints of your uploaded art using our in-office commercial printer, ensuring high-quality results with a quick turnaround time. Our convenient local pickup options or multiple shipping choices make the process hassle-free, and we welcome orders of any size.

Our Gang Sheet builder simplifies the printing process by allowing you to customize your prints according to your preferences. This tool ensures that your artwork turns out exactly as you envision it, enabling you to select print sizes and maximize your budget by utilizing available print space efficiently.  Please review the Important design notes for some quick guidelines to help you get the best prints from your art.

After uploading your art and building your gang sheet, you will be redirected back to our cart site to pay for your prints.  Your order is NOT COMPLETE  and WILL NOT BE PRINTED until you have paid for your prints.

Also check out our application instructions below to ensure the best quality completed products!


  • We will not edit or resize any custom artwork. Images will be printed exactly as they are submitted, so please make sure your image is PRINT-READY and sized correctly in the provided gang sheet software before submitted.

  • Do NOT Mirror your images. Images should be submitted as you want to see them.

  • Ensure you have a transparent background. DTF prints with white ink, therefore any background will print onto the transfer.  This includes outlines and "dead" pixels around pictures.

  • We will not refund or be held liable for grainy or blurry transfers for artwork provided by the customer.

  • The preferred File Format is PNG

  • 300dpi is suggested for best print quality.

DTF Application Instructions

Our Hot Peel formula offers a print that is soft to the touch and extremely durable.

It is NOT recommended to use DTF transfers with a Cricut Easy Press or home Iron.

  • Time: Prepress 5 seconds/Press trasnfer 10 seconds / Post press with Teflon 5 seconds

  • Temperature: 300 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Pressure: 7 / Firm Pressure


  1. Design will be printed as a mirror image with white ink on surface.

  2. Place garment on heat press and pre-press to remove moisture and wrinkles

  3. Place direct to film transfer onto garment with image (right reading) facing up.

  4. Press with firm pressure at 300°F for 10 seconds.

  5. For Hot or warm peel, Start from a corner with the most ink coverage and remove in one, smooth motion. 

  6. Cover with standard or Teflon finishing sheet and press for 5 seconds.

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